Creativity is my passion.  After more than 25 years as a graphic designer, I have a solid background in the wide spectrum of the design process. This includes art direction, concept and design, illustration, client meetings, production, and budget management.
I worked for many years as a senior graphic designer for a corporate in-house creative services team as well as my current position as a business owner/freelancer. The culmination of these career experiences led me to actualize a graphic design business of my own, which began in 2007. As a freelancer, every day is a little different and brings the chance to try or learn something new. This experience has been my most valuable as a graphic design professional and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
My skill set focuses on all aspects of print, packaging, web design and basic HTML development, and project management with an emphasis on concepts, communication goals, and careful attention to detail. Striving to exceed my client's expectations and needs has been and is always a top priority for me and I enjoy helping people reach their marketing goals.
My love for the graphic arts draws its roots in drawing and painting which I developed and explored as a child and beyond. Artwork and illustration were my segues to the creative industry and it is very satisfying to be making a living doing something I truly enjoy! 
I still try to find time for drawing and painting for myself when time allows. I find it a very therapeutic activity and it helps to recharge my spirit. I also enjoy challenging myself with digital photography. I find it is a great way for me to look differently at the world around me and I often draw inspiration that I can use in other areas of my professional life. Click to view some of my photography.
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